Music Video Behind the Scenes 懂拍摄过程

Found photographs from the shoot of my first music video!
Director Boi Kwong and producers April Tong and Randy Ang decided after filming the movie, that we would shoot music videos as well for the soundtrack. And so a young and efficient team swung everything into motion! Filming my music video, and Justin`s as well was great fun. We went to Hortpark and Portsdown road in Singapore to film mine… as well as some unknown location with the tall grass. I was completely knackered by then and have no recollection of that location. All I know is I woke up to a bumpy drive off the road and it did not feel like I was in the city state of Singapore.

Check it out on my video page

Photographs are by Ben Tzq

Meanwhile, a live performance of the same song at The Days launch media party.
Knowing live performance at Dragonfly


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