Selected Works

Non-exhaustive list of selected projects.
Please contact me or Fly Entertainment for full CV.


The Days (2008)

Director : Boi Kwong
Produced by : Originaisan & Company X
Language : Mandarin (English Subtitles)

First leading feature film role, shot in Singapore.  The Days is a cautionary tale about two brothers involved in teenage gang activities in 1990s Singapore. Based on the director’s true life events.

Link to The Days blogpost here
Link to The Days Music Video blogpost

Clip from the film

Perfect Rivals (2011)
Director : Han Yew Kuang

Produced by MM2 & AI Pictures
Language : Mandarin (English Subtitles)

A comedy about two rival ‘Bak Kwa’ (pork jerky) families in Malaysia and their eventual reconciliation. I played the 17 year old version of female lead, Irene Ang. The project brought together actors from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and veteran actors from Hong Kong, shot in Penang, Malaysia.

Link to Perfect Rivals blogpost


Garden Girls
Director : Ric Aw

“How do we forget or remember love? A troubled man crosses paths with a pair of star crossed teenage girls, each struggling to come to terms with the loss of love. After chancing upon them sunbathing intimately, he follows them with his camera and captures their last moments together in the garden. This unlikely journey of the characters may just save or break them but it’s hard to say if they will truly find the salvation that they’re looking for.”

My first short film plays vividly visually in my mind. It was a great project working with people who were professional and kind, and taught me many things about working on a proper film set. As my career grew so did my friendships.

The Moon – Damned
Director : Gavin Lim

Damned was part of an omnibus feature which premiered at Osaka Film Festival. It is the 2nd story in The Moon, which features 7 directors from Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and China. My raunchiest role to date.

The Gang
Director : Kelvin Sng

Bloglink to The Gang
The Gang Premiere

Hanging Gardens
Director : Mika Yamaji

My pet project. I wrote the script, produced and acted in this short film. Watch out for more news on Hanging Gardens.

Director : Lincoln Chia

This was one of the few short film scripts I came across that puts the spotlight on the Asian family oblivion to one’s LGBT identity. The result is an awkward wedding scene where I got to play the ignorant bride.
Blog Link to Sisters 

Fight choreography by Sunny Pang
* Note – These are test shoots and rehearsal sequences

Various Television roles in English and Mandarin.
Please refer to CV for full list of television work.

Short clip from `The Oath` Channel U
Please refer to CV for full list of commercial work.
Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night 2011
To be updated
Videos Page
Please refer to CV for list or check out Portfolio

9 responses to “Selected Works

      • I loved it! I found the ending a bit ambiguous, but I think it was great and I really liked how Adora, Justin and the rest played their parts. Is there any stuff from there (posters etc) floating around that I could get my hands on? 🙂

      • There were, I know Sinema used to have posters, but I dont think they are there anymore. Ill see if my producer has leftover postcards. We were giving out tons of The Days posters, postcards and Tee Shirts back then. Yes the ending was deliberately left ambiguous I guess. It was based on my directors true story though, so I guess the Tai Zi in real life grew up and became a film director and teacher 🙂 I met the real Shan Shan briefly too.

  1. Wow, after four years it’d really be an honour to get my hands on the postcards! 😀 The teeshirts sound cool. I wish I’d been able to grab them. It was kinda sad not to know what happened to Shan Shan and Valerie in the end too, I think. I really liked her in the movie and I think it would be fantastic to be immortalized in a movie! 😀

    • Valerie was a fictional character, Shan did not actually have a sister 🙂 I guess everyone turned out fine. I’ll let you know if I find out where the postcards can be found

      • She was a great addition though, I loved her! 😀 Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! ^^

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