Travel Writing

Exploring the Indian Ocean

Exploring the Indian Ocean

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”               – St Augustine

Many of my travels were spurred by the pursuit of water – wild dolphins in the ocean, frozen waterfalls and thermogenic outdoor onsen. Sometimes it starts with a picture. I find myself dreaming to be engulfed in that one magical spot and I pursue it manically. Along the way, I discover other sites and get sidetracked on other adventures. What do you travel for?
This travel section shares where and how I left footprints at some amazing spots, along with tips I hope someone will find useful. Feel free to share your experiences too in the comments section!

Japan Travel :
Nasu Shibara Onsen
Karuizawa Part 1
Hiking Ko-Asama
Karuizawa Part 2 Things to do
Karuizawa Part 3 Best Eats

Nature / Hiking / Hotsprings
Lamp no Yado – My Best Onsen Experience
Mikura Eco-Tourism : Swimming with Wild Dolphins

Tokyo Neighborhood Hunt :
Ogikubo Ramen
Ogikubo Wagashi (Traditional sweets)

I remember my first plane ride. I was 5.
“Mummy let you sit by the window so you can see everything,” she said, buckling me up. Since then, I always sit by the window.

My Sociological training at NUS was one of those things that people called ‘interesting’ at best, and ‘a useless degree’ at worst. Yet it the experience of learning and reading about different cultures and issues, some I had never heard about, was invaluable and enriching. Outside of the lecture theaters, traveling quenches my curiosities and often rewards with intriguing information about history, geology, zoology, botany, economy, sociology… and a whole myriad of experiences.

Currently based in Singapore & Tokyo, I seek to fill the unwritten pages here with stories of travel, tastes, and discovery.

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