Keep Portland Weird (or How I Ate an Entire City and Still Want More)

I completely missed the highly anticipated Feast Portland event last month, September 2014. I arrived over a week late, almost disappointed but not quite (for there was still plenty of Portland left to eat).

I have always always been a huge fan of Bravo’s Top Chef, and dreamed of one day breaking through the screen and sampling some of these chefs’ offerings. One of the chefs I was rooting for, Paul Qui, was there and I was gutted to find out that I had missed that chance. Had to live vicariously through M’s blog about the entire event! Love food? Curious about Feast Portland? Check it out here.


You would expect a lot from a city whose unofficial slogan is Keep Portland Weird, and from the moment I touched down, I was not disappointed.

On the recommendation of my hotel, I booked a car service called Statesman Town Car from Portland International Airport and was picked up by a small Indian man with a serious hairpiece dressed in a suit straight out of the singing 70’s. Mr. Aaron, the owner/CEO of Statesman, drove a clean, spacious, well-loved Lincoln Town car (in his past life, Mr. Aaron was an engineer with IBM), and as we glided down the open highway toward downtown Portland, he doled out delicious tidbits about the city. Some highlights: Portland has the second largest lesbian population, more cars and strip clubs per capita (including some strip clubs that cater to lesbians), and one of the lowest crime rates (only 19 homicides so far in…

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