About Adele

On set and off

On set and off

Hi! Who are you?
I’m Adele! I am intently curious about how to put interesting life puzzle pieces together in a practical way. Sociological training at the National University of Singapore equipped me with basic skills (mainly, to be comfortable with getting no certain answers) to explore, engage with different cultures and eventually pursue the creative life. I am based in Singapore and Tokyo.

And what do you do?
I absorb different experiences/information I find and then present them, like a storyteller, across different mediums and platforms:
I am an actor! – The End –
I also host for tv and various events, ranging from corporate, lifestyle, product or technology shows.
I am an about-to-be-published author of 2 upcoming books, and writer for online and offline publications.
More recently, I found that while staying open for work opportunities, life seduced me with adventures, enticed me with food from different cultures and made a traveler out of me!

What can you do for me?
Let’s find out! Whether you are casting for a role or searching for a writer, I would love to collaborate – Contact me!
Or, have a look around and find travel tips or discover new eats! What do you travel for? I was obsessed with finding the best outdoor onsens in Japan – Subscribe to this site for updates!
Or, share and exchange your artistic journey and culture and hit me up for a chat – Connect with me! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Check out also my actor’s Facebook page

What have you been up to?
I have been learning about business and finance (can’t diss it till you try it) and also been working on a family history story based on my great-grandfather’s circus. I run the Tai Thean Kew Circus blog (soon to move to wordpress) and Facebook page.

What do you do for fun?
Being away from home keeps me busy, living independently and cooking. I also spend too much time with my gaming technology devices. I go fishing (both in real life and on um, mobile game…) I hike. I check out crevices and poke my nose into anything from pottery and painting to yoga and martial arts.

Cool… lets geek out!
Okay! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
My agency and “Flymily” in Singapore Fly Entertainment will be happy to help too. Look out for their wacky IG posts with #flyentertains or #flyentertaining

Any others?
My literary agency, Jacaranda Press.
For Japan, Wild Orange Asia.


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